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How to Use Our Slideshows ?
Go to the List of Categories & Subcategories and choose one that interests you. When you click on "Play" it will begin to display a sequence of images of various items which will normally move from one to another at about 3 seconds between each. If you see one that you might like, you can stop the Slideshow by clicking on "Pause". You can then read more carefully the info available and if you wish, buy that item by clicking on the number relating to the book. When you are ready you click on play to restart the slideshow, or move on to another category or subcategory.

Notes on our Book Lists
Our Books are displayed according to subject and not listed alphabetically. They are arranged on "Slide Shows" holding up to 100 books. The Slide shows are entered sequentially in no particular order except that later slide shows will follow earlier ones. The site is still quite new, so various changes and modifications may become appropriate as more items are added. In particular, categories become narrower and items which originally were in one wide category later appear in separate, narrower, groups e.g. with Performing Arts' books about theatre, Cinema, Music, Broadcasting might all be entered under the category as long as the total number was 100 or less. Later when the total exceeds 100 or 150 it may well be appropriate to have separate categories of up to 50 for separate sub-categories in this case, Theatre, Cinema, Music, etc.
The same principle can be applied to almost any book category. We aim to give only a basic and minimal description of the books shown. The visual display will reduce the amount of description needed.
To avoid reference and identification becoming confused, each item will be identified not only by its own ID but by its slide show and by the groups of slide show to which that slide show belongs. So this present group will be known as such and such slide show in group A. Following groups will be assigned other letters of alphabet.

Dust Wrappers / Dust Jackets
Many of the books on these slideshows can be seen to be in D/W's. If no D/W is visible, this usually means this copy does not have one. Some books never did have one. Almost always the case with books printed more than 100 years ago. Not many books printed before about 1920s are found with D/W unless they have been preserved by collectors. Modern Laminated covers often don't have D/W's as they don't really need them.

1st Editions
In principles a 1st Edition copy is one of the first batch of copies ever published, of the work in question. Further printings of the work in this same format, but distinguished by some such phrases as "Reprinted 19." though otherwise indistinguishable are, in a certain, broader, sense also 1st Edition copies, but later printings. We, in common with most who have a strong preference for 1st Edition copies use the term to exclude reprints. It is not always clear whether or not a particular item is a "1st Edition". If we believe it to be, we mention it. If we either believe it or not to be so, or are unsure, we make no comment.

All goods bought from us by post may be returned for refund without question if posted within 14 days and received in the same condition as when sent. Remember if you would prefer you can pick up from here either in shop hours (normally 1pm - 5pm daily) or by arrangement.

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