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Your Friend

I saw a friend of yours, last night
He knows quite a lot about your ways
And told me something of your plight
Even though he hardly ever sees your days.

He knows you used to almost tremble
When you saw the starry skies.
And looked in awe at distant hills just touched with light
almost too faint to reach your eyes
though other things were clear and bright.

He knows you felt a surge of Love
for quite-what, you hardly knew;
only that it fell as if beamed from above
and lay around like fallen dew.

He knows you felt, and still feel now,
when all alone,
an inchoate but pervasive need
That nags and feels heavy, like a stone
But, from-which, he says, you will one day, be free.

He knows you sometimes look but, cannot find him
And says this absence should not be misconstrued
Because the laws of physics always bind him
So the shining moon is always soon renewed.

- Where do you go to My Lovely -

With acknowledgement to Peter Sarsted

Oh, Where do you go to, My Lovely

When you're far from my sight and my sound

And what do you do there my Darling

When you know that you cannot be found?

So where do you go to my Lovely

When you go far past the curve of the earth

And what do you do there, my Darling

Beyond the regular sound of the surf

And why so far distant my Lovely

As far as the dark side of the moon,

Well now you should come back, my Darling

As I must see you quite soon.

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